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Is a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency, With side chains, anyone can build privacy-based applications. Launched in May 2017 as ZenCash. The project includes a sustainable financing model and is based on zero-knowledge technology, with the hope of motivating each stakeholder and building an ecosystem around it. Horizonen launched a safe and supernode ecosystem and gave them a block bonus, marking an important milestone for Horizen and paving the way for its node count to increase.

Horizon Attempts to create a fully decentralized and fully customizable interoperability protocol. Horizonen's interoperable blockchain platform is designed to enable enterprises and developers to quickly create their own public or private blockchain and decentralized applications in an affordable manner on top of Horizonen's fully distributed, secure and privacy-protected architecture. Horizonen's side chain SDK provides the components needed to build a fully decentralized and fully customizable blockchain or decentralized application on a blockchain.

Horizen native currency ZEN Is a mineable PoW token that can be used on major cryptocurrency exchanges. Users can securely store and trade ZEN using Sphere By Horizonen's application, a versatile wallet that interfaces with Horizonen products and services.

Trade on ZKE Exchange:https://www.zke.com/



Support: https://support.zke.com

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