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    10,250,000,000 LAT

  • Circulation

    3,686,533,819 LAT

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PlatON is a service-oriented computing architecture. In addition to providing basic services such as computing, data, storage, and network, application developers can also publish their own application services on PlatON. Every application on PlatON consumes a certain amount of resources (computing power, bandwidth, storage, data, etc.) to run. To achieve fair and reasonable use of resources and avoid resource abuse, PlatON uses a series of algorithms to achieve reasonable scheduling and validity verification of resources, and uses LAT to measure resource usage.

LAT is also the power that drives PlatON, the "computing factory". Each app chain can also create its own app LAT. In the PlatON network, users only need a unified account to manage and use their OWN LATS. Lats of different chains can be transferred freely across chains.

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