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Litentry is a decentralized identity aggregation protocol based on multiple networks. A decentralized identity (DID) indexing mechanism and a credit computing network based on Substrate. Litentry's goal is to help decentralize identity aggregation, authentication, and credit computing.

In today's application-centric Internet, when users entrust the secure storage of passwords and online activity data to third parties, Users are often required to comply with vague and unfair privacy policies that involve handing over control of data. As a result, user data is often collected and used in ways that users do not have the right to speak and without their consent.

Litentry is helping to support changes to support a user-centric Internet using blockchain. That means the Internet should be driven by the needs of its users. As a Litentry user, users have complete control over their information and can decide exactly what information to share with various applications and services. Users do not have to pay to migrate from one application to another, nor do they have to comply with the specific terms of a particular application or service. The profits generated by user data should flow back to the user, not primarily to the service provider/company, by owning your own data rather than the restrictions and application lock-in we are familiar with on Internet 2.0. With Litentry and Internet 3.0, users will be able to ensure that a user's user data is only available when the user wishes and will be rewarded if/when the user provides the data to any advertiser or service provider.

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