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Gold Fever is an online multiplayer video game for free to play and play to win money, which: , by requiring that players cooperation and participation in the complex strategies to encourage community construction, the use of economic and psychological motivation of decentralized structure, designed to, in terms of players, games, infrastructure and development release fast and scalable growth, using encryption for players with money in the real world of economic incentives, so as to promote and support the game. Gold Fever is first and foremost a typical video game, but it is also an economic game, rewarding those who are more successful at analyzing and exploiting it. In the fast-growing online gaming market, which is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 17.5 per cent over the next seven years to exceed $285bn in annual revenues, Gold Fever is located in the particularly attractive "competitive gaming" segment. The game is designed to appeal to players who like complex strategies, immersive stories, and dark themes. A key differentiating factor from related products such as Rust, SCUM or DOTA is the possibility for Gold Fever players to earn income directly from online gaming and support the gaming ecosystem. Our research (see appendix) shows that 90 percent of competitive gamers are attracted by the possibility of earning income from playing games. So far, their main options for doing so have been limited to: 1. Getting sponsorship for competitive gaming events 2. Winning sponsored competitions 3. Panning for Money -- an activity banned by most games but still practiced on a large scale by millions of players Like professional athletes, the number of players who achieve "professional" status is one in a million, meaning the chance of earning an income goes from game to game. Gold Fever brings the potential to democratize wages through online gaming by incorporating various "decentralized" mechanisms that enable encryption.

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