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Gitcoin is an open source platform that allows anyone to get paid to develop open source software using Python, Rust, Ruby, JavaScript, Solidity, HTML, CSS, Design, etc. GTC is used to decentralize GitCoins into governance tokens within the DAO (GitcoinDAO) ecosystem to jointly fund the next generation of public goods.

Open source software development incentive platform Gitcoin, whose vision is to support all kinds of open source projects through blockchain, promote the development of open source movement. Supported by ConsenSys. Governance token for GTC, a total of 100 million. The GTC will be used to manage Gitcoin as a Dao for distributing grants, managing disputes, and managing the Treasury. Gitcoin is an open source Ethereum reward platform where blockchain projects can find developers with a certain amount of money. With the development of the platform, it has expanded into different modules such as crowdfunding, hackathons, social and educational attributes. In short, Gitcoin tokenized the open source collaboration mechanism on Github, and now they can earn a little financial reward in addition to their interests and aspirations.

Gitcoin is a blockchain-based platform for projects, independent builders and funders to connect and collaborate on open source software. Projects can be published with work details. Graphic designers and software developers can choose jobs that suit their skills and get paid in cryptocurrency. Gitcoin also helps sustain open source projects by leveraging secondary funded quarterly grants that provide meaningful value to the WEB3 ecosystem, a democratic mechanism for funding public goods. Projects can create grants, and funders can support projects that they believe are beneficial to the Web3 ecosystem. In addition, individuals can participate in funded projects sponsored by projects sponsored by projects to win prizes and establish no other links. Data and money are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring that Gitcoin cannot monetize user data.

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