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A user chooses the interest-bearing asset of Yearn yvWETH (the voucher that users get by depositing ETH in Yearn, which will change back more ETH in redemption with the increase of fund pool income, so it is called the interest-bearing asset of ETH), Then yvWETH deposited in Abracadabra and lent out MIM. Then MIM was sold and changed into ETH, and ETH was deposited in Yearn and the interest-bearing asset yvWETH was obtained. Continue to deposit yvWETH in Abracadabra to obtain a new MIM loan amount and lend out MIM, and then repeat the above cycle (this set of actions is called a LOOP). The above actions are completed in one block through the lightning loan operation, which can save a lot of Gas costs and improve the use experience.

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