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TomoChain is a block chain network, It uses a delegated proof-of-interest consensus mechanism consisting of 150 master nodes. TomoChain aims to be an EVM-compliant public blockchain with the following advantages: low transaction costs, fast confirmation time, two-factor authentication and randomization of security guarantees.

TomoChain in 2017 Blockchain development on ethereum blockchain began in the fourth quarter of 2008. Its test network was released in August 2018 and the main network was ready by the end of 2018. TOMO's ERC-20 tokens were exchanged for TOMO's native token based on TomoChain blockchain in a 1:1 ratio when the main network was launched.

TomoChain's vision is to vote by using proof of equity (PoSV) Consensus provides a solution to the scaling problem of the Ethereum blockchain. Its mission is to be the leading force in building the Internet of values and its infrastructure.

TomoChain technology can be divided into three parts: 1. Core blockchain 2. product 3. protocol.

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