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Tokemak creates sustainable DeFi liquid and capital efficient markets through easy-to-use decentralized market-making protocols. Tokemak builds a reactor (asset pool) for each liquid asset. The reactor consists of two main roles, Liquidity provider and liquidity facilitator.

Single assets deposited in a token reactor can be provided with corresponding TAssets certificates to ensure that the deposited assets can be exchanged back 1:1 upon exit. During the liquidity provision period, the non-TOKE token income obtained from the external liquidity provision of the reactor assets will be directly deposited into the Tokemak Agreement, which will be managed by the Tokemak DAO(composed of TOKE holders). Liquidity providers only receive Toke rewards.

Liquidity Directors use pledged TOKE to control the whereabouts of liquid assets in designated reactors. They pledge their TOKE to a given reactor and use that pledge as a vote to channel liquidity to their Dex of choice.

Current decentralized exchanges that can be guided by reactors include Uniswap, Sushiswap, Banlancer and Deversifi. Liquidity facilitators also receive Toke bonuses.

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