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SAND(The Sandbox)

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    3,000,000,000 SAND

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    1,571,957,026 SAND

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The Sandbox is a virtual gaming world. Through the utility token SAND based on Ethereum, players can create and have different gaming experiences and get benefits from it. Gamers can use The Sandbox Game Maker to create digital assets (NFT), upload them to the store, and create gaming experiences simply with a single click. The Sandbox, with an aim to establish a creative "making money while playing" gaming platform of and for the gamers, has established cooperative relationships with more than 50 partners including ATARI, Crypto Kitties, Shaun the Sheep, etc. The Sandbox is dedicated to attracting more game lovers from encrypted or non-encrypted platforms, and bringing blockchain-gaming into the mainstream game world by giving full paly to the advantages of real ownership, digital scarcity, profitability and interoperability owned by blockchain technology.

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