BCD(Bitcoin Diamond)

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    189,492,898 BCD

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    186,492,898 BCD

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    https://bcd.tokenview.com/ http://explorer.btcd.io/

BCD coin is a cryptocurrency owned by a new chain based on the fork of Bitcoin, also known as Bitcoin diamond. It is another fork of Bitcoin after Bitcoin cash (BCH) and Bitcoin gold (BTG). The fork took place on November 24, 2017, at the block height of 495866. The total amount is 210 million and will never be issued again. Key features include graphics card mining, low transfer fees, lightning networks, and support for ground-to-ground blockchain payment applications. At present, Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) has developed BCDpay, BCDbazaar, BCDapp and other rich blockchain landing payment applications. Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) will inherit BTC's original vision to create a core backbone of decentralized finance and peer-to-peer electronic payments.

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