LOOM(Loom Network)

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    1,000,000,000 LOOM

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    1,000,000,000 LOOM

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Loom It was born of a desire to create a simple, fast, and extensible middleware platform that would enable developers and companies to build applications more efficiently on the Ethereum network. Middleware is often compared to "software glue." Ethereum faces scalability issues common to many public blockchain networks, especially those that require multiple network nodes to validate each new block of transactions added to the blockchain. The different consensus approaches that various blockchains choose to integrate into their respective protocols can significantly affect the speed of consensus, but all consensus mechanisms take time. ") This concept asserts that it is impossible to build a blockchain protocol that perfectly implements three main features: Create a truly balanced, state-of-the-art system And optimized for broad enterprise use. In other words, it is often necessary to compromise on one or more of these three areas due to scalability issues.

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