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Qtum Blockchain (short for "quantum chain" or "Qtum"), as an open source Blockchain project, is the first value transfer network and smart contract platform based on UTXO model, adopting PoS consensus mechanism and decentralized governance mechanism, and compatible with multiple virtual machines. Through the new design of abstraction layer (AAL) connect the COINS and etheric fang ecological, hierarchical design for quantum chain block chain has brought more flexibility, the same block chain is compatible with a variety of virtual machine or smart contract running environment, existing applications can be real-time interaction on mobile devices, continue to expand more commercial block chain, Qtum broaden the ecological intelligence contracts, The pioneering x86 virtual machine will make the next generation of decentralized applications a reality -- developers will be able to develop smart contracts in a variety of major programming languages. In 2017, the global network of Qtum, the backbone of quantum chain, was officially launched, with nodes in more than 24 countries around the world, second only to Ethereum and Bitcoin in peak period.

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