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    https://explorer.wanchain.org/ https://wan.tokenview.com/en https://www.wanscan.org/

WAN currency is the original cryptocurrency of Wanchain, which is also called Wanchain in English. Wanchain is a cross-chain digital asset infrastructure platform that integrates asset cross-chain, privacy protection and smart contract. It connects different blockchain networks and exchanges values in a decentralized way, allowing any individual or institution to create decentralized applications based on Wanchain. Its 1.0 mainnet officially went live in January 2018, and by the end of the same year, Wanwei Chain realized cross-chain with Bitcoin, Ethereum and some ERC20 tokens.

Wanchain focuses on the research and development of cross-chain mechanism and realizes the grand goal of multi-chain interconnection by constructing distributed financial infrastructure with cross-chain capability. So far, Wanchain has successfully integrated bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, and ecological tokens on Ethereum and EOS across the chain, and designed and proposed the universal cross-chain framework T-Bridge, which aims to realize the free flow of assets and data between different public chains and alliance chains. In terms of consensus mechanism, Wanchain has designed and launched a practical PoS consensus protocol with complete delegation mechanism, namely galaxy consensus.

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