GST(Green Satoshi Token)

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  • Total Supply

    210,116,199 GST

  • Circulation

    12,000,000 GST

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STEPN is a Move to Earn NFT game on mobile devices where players need to wear "NFT sneakers" to walk, jog, or run outdoors to earn rewards. Combining blockchain gaming with real-life mobile devices, it aims to move millions of people towards a healthier and low-carbon lifestyle, and bring them into the world of Web 3 and contribute positively to carbon neutrality.

STEPN has a double token, Game Token (GST) and Governance Token (GMT). GST is used for various in-game activities such as minting new sneakers, upgrading sneakers, and upgrading gems; GMT is used for profit distribution and high-end in-game activities such as rebranding sneakers and advanced upgrades.

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