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ASR(AS Roma Fan Token)

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    10,000,000 ASR

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    2,275,926 ASR

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Roma Fans Token (ASR) is a functional token that provides fans of Roma Football Club (" Roma ") with a tokified share in club decision-making through the use of Socios' applications and services. < BR />Socios is a blockchain-based fan interaction and rewards platform for the sports and entertainment industry supported by Chiliz. < BR />ASR is a functional token built on the Chiliz Chain (a proof-of-Authority side Chain built on Ethereum). ASR is mainly used for: < BR /> Governance: ASR holders can vote on various binding "fan decisions" issued by Rome through smart contracts. Rewards: ASR holders can participate in activities on Socios to earn rewards. < BR /> Token collateral: In the future, ASRs can be mortgaged to earn non-homogeneous token (NFT) rewards. < BR />ASR's total token supply is 10,000,000, of which 1,220,010 were originally allocated to fans through a fan token offering. The rest of the tokens are held by Rome and can be earned by fans by attending community events, Binance Launchpool and buying directly from the exchange.

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