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    64,598,643 AR

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    50,108,502 AR

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AR is the original token of Arweave network, and its value is determined by the practicality of the token itself. AR can be used as an encrypted message input system, and can also be used as a reward to motivate miners. The main function of AR is to pay for the permanent storage of data, but it also has transaction value. Users need to pay AR as transaction fee to record the transaction in the block, and the transaction fee paid by users does not go directly to the wallet of the miners who produce the block. Most of the transaction fee goes to the storage Endowment. It was then distributed to miners' wallets.

Arweave seeks to solve the problem of files being forged and altered prior to storage in such a way that once the storage of the file is completed on the fabric, it is woven with all other blocks in the encrypted file. This means that the network will detect and reject any changes to the document's contents.

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