INJ(Injective Protocol)

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    100,000,000 INJ

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    80,005,555 INJ

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Injective Protocol is a layer-2 decentralized trading Protocol that can be used for decentralized cross-chain derivatives trading, unleashing the full potential of DiFi. The agreement supports decentralized contracts for Difference (CFD), perpetuity contracts and other derivatives markets. INJ is the native asset of Injective Protocol, and is used for a variety of functions, such as Forever Finance (YFI) using DAO for Protocol governance, value capture of transaction fees, derivative collateral, liquidity mining, and Staking.

INJ is Staking, the native asset of Injective Protocol, which has many functions, such as Protocol governance, value capture for transaction fees, collateral for derivatives, liquidity mining, and Staking. InjectiveProtocol, the industry's first Layer-2 decentralized trading protocol, unleels the full potential of borderless decentralized finance for decentralized cross-chain derivatives trading as well as decentralized contracts for Difference (CFD) and permanent swaps markets.

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