ANKR(Ankr Network)

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    10,000,000,000 ANKR

  • Circulation

    8,162,899,377 ANKR

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Ankr is the first blockchain distributed cloud platform to implement Node-as-A-Service (Node as a Service). It is committed to enabling enterprises and individuals to deploy various blockchain nodes easily, conveniently and quickly. The cost of deploying nodes on Ankr is much lower than other mainstream cloud service platforms, Ankr provides enterprise-level security and improves the degree of decentralization of node distribution.

Ankr provides a practical business solution with a real-world use case where node operators can utilize idle cloud resources from high-spec data centers to run blockchain nodes. These nodes are easy to access and deploy with just a few mouse clicks, while data center owners monetize their idle resources through the Ankr cloud platform. This enables Ankr to provide users with more easily invoked computing power at a lower price, which ultimately benefits users.

ANKR is the native token of its ecosystem, used to make payments, access applications, pledge and participate in governance. As a globally distributed company with a mission to create and develop a better Internet, decentralized governance is an important part of the project's blueprint. The token was initially launched on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token, but has since been integrated with other protocol standards, including BEP-20 on the Binance Smart chain. ANKR has a total supply cap of 10 billion tokens and a circulation supply of 6.5 billion. To a large extent, the value of ANKR is driven by practicality, related to the technology, use cases, and actual adoption rates of the ANKR protocol.

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