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CRO(Crypto Coin)

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    0xa0b73e1ff0b80914ab6fe0444e65848c4c34450b Chain is a ground-breaking high performing and secure public blockchain solution powering instant crypto payment transactions between customers and merchants, anywhere, for free. Chain Token (CRO) is the cross-asset intermediary currency settlement on the Chain. Token Use: Cross-asset Intermediary - CRO Token will be the native Chain token that enables cross-asset intermediary currency settlement. Block Transaction Fee Settlement - All network participants writing transactions on the Chain will have to use CRO Token to settle block transaction fees. Node Incentive - All participating nodes in the Chain will be rewarded in CRO Token for processing and validating transactions on the network; each node will need to stake a fixed minimum amount of CRO Token (varies by node types) in order to contribute to the network. Cost Saver - Customers choosing to pay with CRO directly will transact with minimal fees.

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