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    21,000,000,000 RUNECOIN

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    21,000,000,000 RUNECOIN

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Built on the Runes Protocol, RSIC•GENESIS•RUNE (RUNECOIN) is the first Pre-Rune airdropped to early adopters of Ordinals. It creates a unique opportunity for people to participate in Bitcoin and lays the foundation for a more vibrant, user-centric ecosystem. It is a step towards a more decentralized and better future. RSIC-GENESIS-RUNE is a token designed and innovated with care. As the 8th rune in the Runes Protocol, its airdrop size is 888 Satoshis, echoing the symbolism of the lucky number 8 in culture, adding a touch of "luck". The 21 billion token supply of RSIC•GENESIS•RUNE (RUNECOIN) is also a tribute to Bitcoin's famous 21 million "hard cap".

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