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⚫SPACE ID is building a common name service network, providing a one-stop identity platform for discovering, registering, trading and managing Web3 domain names. It also covers a Web3 name SDK and API for cross-blockchain developers to use, and provides everyone with a multi-chain name service to easily establish and create their own Web3 identities.

⚫ID is the native token of the SPACE ID ecosystem and is used for the following functions:

Pledge : Pledge ID tokens to get discounts on SPACE ID domain name NFT market transaction fees and Web3 domain name registration discounts on SPACE ID.

Payment : As a means of payment within the SPACE ID ecosystem and for Web3 Name SDK integration.

Governance : Users can participate in SPACE ID DAO proposals.

⚫ SPACE ID is building an infrastructure that includes the following major components working together:

One-stop Web3 domain name and identity platform : various incentive mechanisms, easy-to-use wallets and decentralized identities for users have been established.

Multi-chain name service : SPACE ID's multi-chain name service includes but is not limited to the top-level domain names that the SPACE ID team has launched and will launch, as well as other domain name providers that have joined SPACE ID with this pioneering multi-chain name service function.

Web3 name SDK and API : One SDK for all (one for all SDK) has been one of the main features of SPACE ID to support all Web3 dApps. It is designed as a unified, streamlined approach that greatly simplifies the integration of Web3 name services, frees developers from having to use multiple protocols, saves time, and reduces the risk of compatibility issues.

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