SKL(SKALE Network)

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    4,902,438,512 SKL

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    4,039,352,671 SKL

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SKALE Network is an open source, decentralized "resilient" blockchain Network designed to extend Web3 applications. SKALE chains are configurable, application-specific blockchains (commonly referred to as " Dynamic fragmentation ") exists on a layer above the Ethereum blockchain. Developers can rent SKALE chains, each of which acts as a private smart contract platform compatible with Ethereum, with faster block times and the ability to process more transactions per second. According to core developer SKALE Labs, the SKALE chain can run full-state smart contracts, support decentralized storage, perform Rollps contracts (layer 2 scale-out solution), and run machine learning algorithms using EVM (Ethereum virtual machine). Combined with Ethereum, SKALE Network aims to make Web3 applications competitive with traditional applications on the basis of cost and performance.

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