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    210,000,000 WICC

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    210,000,000 WICC

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    https://www.waykiscan.com/#/ https://testnet.waykiscan.com/

The main body of Wikichain is registered in Hong Kong. It is a technical innovative company focusing on the research and development of blockchain technology and the operation of related projects. It has successfully released the main network token WICC. The independently developed third generation blockchain commercial public chain is at the leading level in the industry, with high transaction processing capacity, efficient consensus mechanism, powerful intelligent contract engine, and blockchain upgrade management ability, and can provide blockchain infrastructure services and industry-level solutions for various industries and important vertical fields. At present, the public link at the bottom of wikichain is still being upgraded and optimized, and has achieved remarkable results, enabling developers and application layer to continue. Stablecoin built on the bottom of the public chain, as one of the important infrastructure of blockchain finance promoted by Wikichain, is also constantly improving the potential energy of decentralized business development.

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