HIFI(Hifi Finance)

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HIFI is an ERC-20 token enabling its owner to assign voting rights to any address, including their own. Alterations in an owner's token balance automatically adjust the delegate's voting rights, ensuring a dynamic, transparent, and responsive governance process for the DAO. Hifi is a decentralized finance protocol that brings fixed-rate, fixed-term lending to Ethereum-based blockchains. The Hifi Ecosystem is a collection of exciting new projects and partnerships that build upon and integrate into Hifi’s lending protocol. The ecosystem enables Hifi to accelerate its rate of experimentation and represents new opportunities to expand its reach. The ecosystem has the single objective of driving usage, TVL, and new users to Hifi Finance V2 lending protocol. The Hifi Protocol offers users access to instant liquidity against their digital assets. Hifi's focus is to serve NFT Communities as its primary customer. NFTs are onboarding the most users to the blockchain, and Real World Assets (RWAs) are positioned to onboard the greatest amount of value on-chain. Helping NFT communities maximize growth and retention will drive value, usage, and new users to the Hifi protocol.

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