HOOK(Hooked Protocol)

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    500,000,000 HOOK

  • Circulation

    50,000,000 HOOK

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Hooked Protocol is building an entry layer for large-scale adoption of Web3, providing users and enterprises with tailored mainstream marketing, and web3 education to develop the community, while providing infrastructure for the development of enterprise web3, its mission is to form an attractive community-owned ecosystem. Its first pilot product, Wild Cash, achieved impressive growth of more than 2 million monthly active users thanks to its Quiz-to-Earn experience and other gamified learning features.

Hooked Protocol adopts an innovative single token (HOOK) oriented structure, supplemented by HGT (Hooked Gold Token), the only utility token in the ecosystem. HOOK is the governance token of the ecosystem, it can be used as an access token for community activities and exclusive NFT privileges; HOOK used for certain in-app purchases (game tools, secret boxes, etc.) will be burned to reduce the overall token supply amount; the gas fee used for the Hooked infrastructure in the future; as a pledge reward.

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