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    6,804,870,174 SNT

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    3,960,483,788 SNT

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SNT is a modular token supported by the Status network. It can be used to suggest decisions, and any user can make suggestions. The number of tokens held determines the voting rights on each decision, without affecting the network shares in hand. This includes a decentralized push notification marketplace, Status client management, aggregations of community content, and social messaging tools like Tribute to Talk. It also proposes a "teller network" of fiat coins for cryptocurrencies, a decentralised catalogue of apps and a sticker market. At the heart of SNT is the ability for users to choose the direction of software development.

Status is an open source messaging platform and a decentralized interaction app running on the Ethereum network that allows users of the decentralized Ethereum protocol to send encrypted messages, smart contracts and digital currency to each other.

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