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Aragon is a platform on the Ethereum blockchain that provides decentralized autonomous organization management tools that help online communities coordinate the sharing of resources and values. By providing people with management tools, Aragon connects a community, a group of stakeholders, and even a group of people who share the same culture into a self-sustaining economy that can organize a series of decentralized, autonomous organizations. Aragon not only provides basic financial tools, but it also creates replicable and widely applicable sample programs that define community boundaries and provide the transmission of value streams among members without the need for traditional intermediaries such as traditional banks. Aragon supports new forms of global community. Communities can be organized around capital assets, currencies, or tokens, and the value of these assets will increase as more people hold and use the asset to participate in the community.

AragonCore is supported by the Aragon Foundation, a non-profit organization responsible for helping the Aragon program mature. Aragon One is the for-profit development team behind Aragon projects.

ANT coin is the platform token of Aragon, the full English name is Aragon, also known as Aragon coin (note: not small ANT coin, small ANT coin formerly known as ANT, later renamed NEO). ANT token holders are responsible for voting on issues such as changes to the Aragon protocol and how to deploy the Aragon Tribunal. The Aragon Tribunal is a decentralized dispute arbitration body, and any decentralized autonomous organization based on Aragon can make a governance claim against the Aragon Tribunal by holding ANT tokens.

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