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LSK (Lisk) aims to create a Dapp ecosystem based on side-chain technology, similar to Apple's App Store. The Lisk project was separated from the Crypti blockchain project in January 2016, and the mainnet was launched in June 2018.

Like Bitshare, Steem, and EOS, Lisk uses the dPoS consensus algorithm. There are 101 representatives acting as block producers. Delegates are elected through blockchain voting. The number of votes allocated to each account is equal to the number of LSKS it has. Block production takes turns, with 101 delegates producing one block per turn. Lisk supports block generation in 10 seconds, rewarding 4 LSKS per block generation. 10 second blocks, which means over 12 million LSK will be awarded to delegates in a year. The initial supply is LSK 100 million and the annual inflation rate is over 12%.

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