KNC(Kyber Network Crystal )

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    223,721,044 KNC

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    164,287,230 KNC

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KNC coin is the platform token of the exchange Kyber Network. Kyber Network is a decentralized exchange that does not require a third party to be trusted, facilitating instant conversion/exchange between crypto assets. Through the Kyber Network, users can pay in token A to the corresponding recipient who wants to be paid in token B in one step. In addition, Kyber Network has introduced a new smart contract interface that allows existing wallets that only accept specific tokens to accept any existing or possible future tokens (such as PAY and CVC) without needing to modify the token contract code. That said, Kyber Network enables smart contract and payment recipients to reach a wider audience and receive payments in any token supported by those platforms.

Kyber Network uses innovative ways to ensure liquidity, trustless and instant exchange of tokens, including reserve managers, reserve contributors, dynamic reserve banks and smart contracts to manage reserves. Each participant mentioned above interacts with the smart contract in a different way. The dynamic reserve pool in Kyber Network can meet the user's request and realize the conversion of any token in one step.

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